Yesterday I woke up feeling happy.  I'm not implying that I don't usually wake up feeling happy (it's actually something I don't necessarily think about when I first open my eyes in the morning).  Why did I wake up feeling happy, at least, consciously happy?  First of all, I had a very vivid dream of securing great employment.  This has been my challenge over the last few months.  Not only am I trying to get into the startup industry in the bay area, but I'm also trying to switch career paths.  Suffice it say it's definitely taking longer than I had hoped, and it was a nice dream to wake up to until reality kicked in.  So back to my story, the dream was great...felt very real.  As I've noted in earlier posts, when you look out any window in this house, all you see is green.  Once my vision came into focus and I peered outside I saw a deer.  Never in my mind did I think that I would see a deer in Sausalito.  And it was huge!  Florida deer are tiny, so this one was practically as big as a horse. 

At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing and then excitement and haste overcame me.  So I quickly got out of bed and raced upstairs to tell Laurel what was outside.  Immediately she reached for her camera.  It has moved behind a tree so we weren't able to get a great shot of it.  There are a couple below.

Seeing as how seeing a deer when I first awoke could be symbolic, I looked it up online.  I'm always curious about the meaning of things in the bigger picture of life and why we feel connected to some things more than others. So the meaning behind seeing a deer is symbolic of opportunity and new adventures just around the corner. I believe that is very appropriate for my life right now.  And hopefully sooner rather than later I will embark on a new adventure.
5/14/2013 10:12:00 am

Wow! What a cool way to wake up; happy and seeing a huge deer! Nice.

Next time we talk remind me to read to you about deer in my animal speaks book. It is the one that looked up Puffin in as well. It's a really good reference book and interesting reading. (If you're into that kind of thing, which I am!)


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