The cool thing about planting a garden is that you can just go to the store and buy plants for your garden.  No need to start your garden from seeds.  That's what Laurel and I did for the most part with the one we recently started.  You can see an array of pictures of the initial building of the garden in my post entitled, Green thumb: nature or nurture? (you see what I did there?).  

Of the variety of things we planted there were two that we actually did start from seed, mini jack pumpkins and green beans.  We planted the pumpkins first.  The package indicated that it would take between 7 and 14 days before they sprouted.  About two weeks later we planted the green beans and that package said the same thing.  So we waited and watered.  Seven days go by, nothing.  Fourteen days go by, still nothing.  Since we have never grown vegetables in this climate or geographical location we decided to give it some more time.  Was it too cold or did things perhaps just grow more slowly here?  We did a little research on how to care for these plants and changed our watering patterns.  Another week went by and still nothing.  We took the rest of the seeds and planted them, hoping one more shot at growing them would do the trick.

One week after that (aka this weekend) I was brushing away the area trying to either find seeds that never grew or something resembling a sprout. Lo and behold, I found four sprouts!  One I accidently brushed too hard and it popped out of the ground, but I stuck it back in the dirt and hopefully it will continue to grow.  It actually felt like a miracle had occurred!  The pumpkins were growing!!  Since the beans were planted later I'm still holding out for them.  

I used to grow tomatoes when I was growing up in FL. It's pretty cut and dry on how to properly maintain vegetables/plants in FL.  Out here in CA you never really know what the weather is going to do.  You can look at a forecast but it's not particularly accurate.  Also, in Sausalito, it can be 85 degrees and sunny and then all of the sudden the wind starts up and it can drop to the 60s in no time.  One is certainly never bored with the weather here!

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