How does a journey begin?  A thought?  A conversation with a new friend, or perhaps an old friend?  An experience that changes your perspective on life or one that has been lived over and over again?  Every time you make a "significant" change in your life you are probably told that you've embarked on a new journey, or a new chapter of your life.  Finishing grade school and choosing the right university, accepting an internship, the first "real" job, going back to school, choosing a new career path after believing you truly thought the last one was the one, adopting a cat that sat on your lap after having known you for only a few minutes.  Well, these have been some of my journeys.  

I'm not sure when my current journey began but I believe it is the journey I am supposed to be on right now.  There are moments (and at times they are frequent) that I think I made a huge mistake, but there are many more moments when I know it was right decision.  In my mind, and from the perspective of others I have talked with, starting this journey was crazy, huge, brave, exciting, freaking scary, awesome, out of character, but exactly what I needed.

For 27 years I lived in Florida.  I always made calculated decisions (appropriate for the accounting background that I have).  There was no way that I was ever going to move out of Florida. But one day, through thoughts running through my head, conversations I'd had with new and old friends, and experiences so familiar that I didn't have to think about doing them in the moment and others that were completely new, I decided my new journey was to move....all 2,600 miles to San Francisco, CA.  

This blog is not specifically dedicated to my new journey, but it's partly the reason why I decided to start blogging.  So, in this blog, you will find my adventures, experiences, thoughts on anything and everything, and my perspective on each of them.  Thanks for joining me in my head.  
3/22/2013 12:59:06 pm

YOU are a total ROCK STAR!! I love this!

And next time we chat, maybe you can tell me how you did what you did with your site. Mine is so novice and last year!

3/22/2013 11:45:30 pm

I love it, my friend! Awesome thoughts and awesome pic ;)

Papa Bear
4/7/2013 12:35:38 pm

Sooo cool! Yup, ocean on the left, driving north is different. ...and you'll get used to climbing the inclines quickly. Love you madly!


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