That moment at the end of the day when you know the day is actually coming to close...when you know the next move you make is to find relief (take a deep breathe and release the sigh) from the jaggedness of the day.  The barrier that we construct throughout the course of the day to separate our true selves from that person that we become everyday in order to be successful, whether it's at making a living or redefining ourselves in order to make ourselves feel more like part of the world.  Ooooh....I think I'm getting a little too much in my head. It's complicated in here and can be difficult to write down (even in my teenage diary) without sounding like a crazy person.  And who knows how long it would take to get to my actual point in this posting.

So jumping to my point, I wanted to describe my experience of coming down from a day. And it's not an everyday experience anymore but it's one I made a routine of for a few years and, whenever I think about it, it always feels fresh and refreshing.  I would get home from a day or the "5:00" hour would come around and I would pour myself a cran and Stoli, walk out onto my porch (unless it was 95 degrees with 100% humidity...Florida can be brutal during the summer), sit down and look at my cocktail.  It was at that very moment that the day had officially started to close. That first crisp sip of cranberry juice, vodka and melting ice that I could make my way back to being me, plainly and simply. I would sit on my porch sipping my cocktail and watch the world go by (On the east coast drinking at work is typically unheard of...apparently it kills productivity). Although we typically don't consciously think about it, there is always something that we do to complete a day and pay respect to the simplicity that is life.  And we all do it whether we have an insanely crazy busy day or we spent the day reading while enjoying the great outdoors.  

I find the intricacies of life to be fascinating.

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