One my favorite things about living in the Bay area (aside from soooo many other things) is the ferry.  I'm sure for most people that would not even be on their top ten favorite things about this area, but for me it most certainly is.  I grew up in a beach town, so I'm stranger to living and breathing a very large body of water.  In fact, the town I grew up in added a ferry a few years ago (because not only is it a beach town, it also has a intracoastal waterway, aka a really big river).  

So back to the Golden Gate Ferry.  If you know your stuff about this area and public transportation, you should find yourself a clipper card, because they can be used on pretty much all public forms of transportation and for some will get you a pretty decent discount in fare.  This applies significantly to the ferry.  If you buy a single pass it's $9.75 one way( tourists beware!).  If you load a clipper card with money, it costs you only $5 to ride the ferry one way.  *end of nerdy accounting fun facts*

Once you get on the ferry (and at this point I'm talking about the ferry to Sausalito...there are also ferries to Larkspur and parts of the East Bay), it's a 30-minute on the water for only $5 (did I mention that already?)!  On a really clear day the views are absolutely gorgeous of the Bay everywhere: the Golden Gate Bridge, the city, the Bay Bridge, Sausalito, Angel Island, Tiburon, Treasure Island, and Alcatraz.  Fun little qualitative fact is most of the ferry drivers will slow way down as you pass right by Alcatraz.  Total freebee!

I don't really take too many pictures while I'm on the ferry, but I took a couple the other day.  I prefer to enjoy the ride and appreciate the many wonders I've been afforded in my life.  

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6/10/2013 11:43:18 am

"I prefer to enjoy the ride and appreciate the many wonders I've been afforded in my life." I love this.
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