What are the dog days of summer?  Dogs like to be outside, not inside.  This phrase is a misnomer.  However, the popular meaning of the phrase applies to the Bay area as we speak.  For the next two-ish months it is going to be hot (but definitely not Florida hot).  However, in Florida, one can just walk into the nice cool air conditioned building he or she is closest to and feel lovely again.  In California, people don't believe in air conditioning for those few days that make you sweat for no reason.

Wait....wait a second...........

A breeze!!!! Do you feel that?  It's a breeze!  A nice cool breeze has finally decided to join this rather static party!  Yay!  I have never appreciated a breeze more than I do right now!  

I do appreciate these fews days when it is really hot because it makes me appreciate the cooler days even more!

Song of the moment: Wildfire by John Mayer

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