Goat Festival on 4/20 in San Francisco.  Yep, that sounds pretty epic in the world of people-watching if I do say so myself.  This festival was posted all over the place.  Had to be great without a doubt. It was a festival dedicated to goats!  Well........it was less than grand.  It was actually flat out disappointing. The farmers' market was going on and there were three scattered tents for the goats.  One tent actually did have baby goats you could pet, but you had to wait in line for an hour to fight your way to touch one (unfortunately no pics of goats...sorry, folks).  So, goat festival = fail.

The farmers' market was pretty rad.  As we walked up to it we were passed by a group of naked bicycle riders.  Well, actually some of them wore jackets and top hats, so I guess that would be bottomists?  Then there was a group of Venezuelans demanding the recount of a fraudulent Venezuelan election.  I wonder how effective that was in San Francisco.  I really have no idea.  For all I know they hold Venezuelan elections in San Francisco.

It was a beautiful day, so despite the goat festival disappointment, just getting out and seeing the sights was lovely. 
5/14/2013 10:02:17 am

Nekkid bikers... EWE!! But funny! I can't imagine how odd that would feel on your ... nether parts, especially if it's hot and sticky out. AHHH!

Sorry the goat fest was a fail. How very disappointing. It's amazing to me that people will wait in line to pet a damn goat. Crazy.


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