I wasn't really sure what I wanted to blog about this week, so I looked to my side and there sat the book I'm pages away from finishing, A Working Theory of Love by Scott Hutchins.  Yes, I did just say that I haven't finished it and that's why I want to review it.  I don't know the ending but I'm close enough to have a pretty good idea how it will finish.  

Overall, I really enjoyed the book.  It takes place in San Francisco, CA and is about a man who is working with a scientist on creating artificial intelligence.  He got involved in the project because the scientist wanted to establish the presence of being in this intelligent entity through giving it "life." The scientist stumbled upon the man's father's journals and believed it to be the perfect amount of information to create an artificial person.  The goal was create this computer that would beat the Turing Test. If you don't know what the Turing Test is, click here. The book also looks at the man's life outside of work and how his upbringing has shaped his relationship with other people.  It is written in first person.  If you are at all familiar with San Francisco, you will know most of the references in this book. There are just enough characters in this book to keep up with them all and three-dimensionalize them in your mind.  

I did find it interesting how the author did not wrap up relationships in the book. It's kind of hard to explain, but it reflects that of life.  A lot of relationships are never really wrapped up...they just dissolve or pop in and out of your like wildflowers (or weeds).

I'm looking forward to the final chapter of the book and I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone.  I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Song of the moment: Tongues by Joywave (feat. KOPPS)
More often than not I read about people's first experiences with Pride, it tends to start with the type of household they grew up in.  Without thinking I almost did the same thing with this posting.  Then I realized that it really wasn't relevant to my intended theme, and so I started over.  Here goes.

Pride, the ultimate GSA!  A time when barriers are broken down and people come together to enjoy people for being people.  Granted not all people who attend these festivals have that agenda, but for the most part that's what it comes down to being.  This year was the first Pride weekend I have ever been to and I went with my cousin.  As a lot of people know Pride is a whole weekend, but my liver doesn't have the capacity to party for a whole weekend anymore (nor does my wallet).  So I met up with my cousin on Sunday for the parade.  We walked around, saw some very interesting people, lots of rainbows and people just enjoying themselves.  Then we headed to my other cousin's bar and started celebrating.  We ended up walking around the city and met up with some of his friends at different bars.  I met some great people and eventually I got back home safe and sound.  (Un)fortunately, when you meet new people and they learn you've never been to a Pride event before, they start buying you drinks.  I met quite a few people who don't order drinks with mixers, so I had (was) properly toasted at my first Pride. 

The photos below are from that day.  Some were taken by my cousin (shout out to Graham!) and others were taken by me. You may notice that some of the photos look weird. I'm going to assume I was moving too quickly when I took them and it distorted the pictures.  However, they are still pretty cool looking so I'm including them.  There is also a drunk picture of me just for full partying effect.  Enjoy!

Song of the moment: Party on 5th Ave, Mac Miller
Goat Festival on 4/20 in San Francisco.  Yep, that sounds pretty epic in the world of people-watching if I do say so myself.  This festival was posted all over the place.  Had to be great without a doubt. It was a festival dedicated to goats!  Well........it was less than grand.  It was actually flat out disappointing. The farmers' market was going on and there were three scattered tents for the goats.  One tent actually did have baby goats you could pet, but you had to wait in line for an hour to fight your way to touch one (unfortunately no pics of goats...sorry, folks).  So, goat festival = fail.

The farmers' market was pretty rad.  As we walked up to it we were passed by a group of naked bicycle riders.  Well, actually some of them wore jackets and top hats, so I guess that would be bottomists?  Then there was a group of Venezuelans demanding the recount of a fraudulent Venezuelan election.  I wonder how effective that was in San Francisco.  I really have no idea.  For all I know they hold Venezuelan elections in San Francisco.

It was a beautiful day, so despite the goat festival disappointment, just getting out and seeing the sights was lovely. 
Being able to safely walk around the neighborhood makes getting out and exercising a LOT easier.  My older sister, Kate, who lives in Connecticut, and I decided a couple of weeks ago that we would take the month of April to walk a mile every day.  We also added some ab exercises in there as well, but that's neither here nor there.  So this past Sunday I started walking.  Yes, it was a day early but it was beautiful day for a walk!  There are all sorts of places to walk.  The cool thing about Sausalito is that there are unmarked stairways and paths all over the place so that locals can get around more easily from street to street.  For instance, if I walk out the front door and hang a right it is 8/10th of mile to the next street. Well, not all streets have these connecting paths (like the example I just used doesn't have a path because it's sooo steep and a little more wandering than most of the other roads around here), but there are a few.  On my walks with Peach, the golden retriever (my sister's dog), we've found four of those paths so far.  They are pretty nifty and one of these days I'll take a picture and post it...scout's honor even though I was never one.

I've been doing well with the walking.  We've been averaging about 1.3 miles a day.  It would be higher but I had to give my legs a break yesterday.  The day before was quite painful and close to the shin splints danger zone.  But taking the day off was exactly what I needed.  We made great time with a 1.74 miles walk today.  Climbing hills is definitely a challenge and something I am not used to.  I grew up at/just above sea level, so going on a walk and gaining a total of 433 ft during a 35 minute walk can be miserable at points (and always the point in the walk when someone wants to stop and talk!).  But at the end of the day, I'm 100% glad I did it.  And so is Peach!  

Here are some photos of the view from my walks.  Enjoy!
I've never lived near or in a big city. Tallahassee absolutely does not count.  Although it is the capital of Florida, it is strangely laid out and by no means has the feeling of a big city, or a capital city for that matter. San Francisco is my first big city. I've been told time and again that SF is not that big, but relative to where I've lived it is gigantic!  Skyscrapers, people walking on top of each other, a dozen modes of public transportation, and the occasional naked person (we love our crazies in the South, in fact we tend to parade them around, but we keep them clothed) - that is big city San Francisco so far.  

I have a couple of cousins that have lived here for many years.  We grew up about an hour away from each other, so we knew them fairly well growing up.  As with a lot of relationships that go global, we didn't really keep in touch much after they left FL.  It is nice living in a place with other family. I try to get together with them every so often for lunch or whatever.  It's been great getting to know them again.  Today, I had lunch with Graham.  He works in the financial district so I can just jump on the BART and meet up with him for lunch really easily.  Before I met up with him, though,  I walked around a little so I could start getting a feel for the city.  This wasn't my first time walking around but I've made it a goal to get to know the city better on foot and without my gps (note to self: need to start acting more like a local, and not the I'm-homeless-and-my-best-friend-is-a-blade-of-grass kind).  Anyway, I got off at the Embarcadero BART stop and walked up toward the Ferry Building.  I took a few pics, which are posted below.