More often than not I read about people's first experiences with Pride, it tends to start with the type of household they grew up in.  Without thinking I almost did the same thing with this posting.  Then I realized that it really wasn't relevant to my intended theme, and so I started over.  Here goes.

Pride, the ultimate GSA!  A time when barriers are broken down and people come together to enjoy people for being people.  Granted not all people who attend these festivals have that agenda, but for the most part that's what it comes down to being.  This year was the first Pride weekend I have ever been to and I went with my cousin.  As a lot of people know Pride is a whole weekend, but my liver doesn't have the capacity to party for a whole weekend anymore (nor does my wallet).  So I met up with my cousin on Sunday for the parade.  We walked around, saw some very interesting people, lots of rainbows and people just enjoying themselves.  Then we headed to my other cousin's bar and started celebrating.  We ended up walking around the city and met up with some of his friends at different bars.  I met some great people and eventually I got back home safe and sound.  (Un)fortunately, when you meet new people and they learn you've never been to a Pride event before, they start buying you drinks.  I met quite a few people who don't order drinks with mixers, so I had (was) properly toasted at my first Pride. 

The photos below are from that day.  Some were taken by my cousin (shout out to Graham!) and others were taken by me. You may notice that some of the photos look weird. I'm going to assume I was moving too quickly when I took them and it distorted the pictures.  However, they are still pretty cool looking so I'm including them.  There is also a drunk picture of me just for full partying effect.  Enjoy!

Song of the moment: Party on 5th Ave, Mac Miller