The Marin Headlands are a state park right here in the North Bay.  It's a beautiful area with many little beaches to explore and amazing views of the Golden Gate, San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean.  There is this web site called Weekend Sherpa that a friend sent to me before I moved out here with all sorts of places to go and see.  Well, one of the places, Black Sand Beach, peaked my interest.  I tried getting out to it a few months ago but drove right past it (on a very scary one way road hugging the coast).  I ended up just heading back home after that.  I finally made it out there the other day and took a bunch of pictures.  It is a really cool little beach that is about a half a mile's hike down to. But it is so worth it.  There is a little waterfall and off in the distance there is a lighthouse and caves in the rock face.  The sand actually is black.  Aside from the man fishing at one end of the beach, I was the only other person there.  Here are pictures of my little adventure.

Song of the Moment: New Scene (feat. Ofelia), by Felix Cartal

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